Lady Miner Volleyball


Staff Writer

An intensified, powerful game for all three teams against the Lemoore tigers. Watching the Frosh game first, our anxiety levels were already up, as they played to three sets. Points going back and forth as it seemed like it kept going on and on. They fought on and won, now it was our turn to sweep Lemoore off their feet.  We took the first set and we knew they would fight really hard to win the second. It was so close going on until 30 points and they took the second set. The last and final third set, our hearts were beating faster than ever, it was our most intensified game yet. The rally was going on forever, as I thought to just get perfect passes and we’d win. We just needed one more point to win, as our middle hitter slammed it right down the center for the victorious point. Feeling so gleeful, yet relieved it was finally over with. Next was Varsity as they also swept them, with all three teams winning. I’d say the Lady Miners had a great evening of volleyball. 

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