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Mr.Tatum, full name is Eric Tatum, is one of El Diamante’s newest social science teachers. So here is a little information about him. Where did he go to high school? He went to Clovis North High and was active in football, basketball, and track. After high school, he went to Clovis Community College and transferred to Fresno State. During college he was a football coach. This is where he found out he liked coaching and teaching. Mr. Tatum would teach P.E. or math if he had to teach another subject. Be sure and welcome him to our campus!

Saints Vs Texans


Staff Writer

The score is 21-17 to start the 4th quarter. To start off the quarter Saints’ quarterback, Drew Brees, threw a 14-yard pass to Tre’Quan Smith now making the score 21-14. Time is running down. Saints kicker, Will Lutz, kicks a 47-yard field goal with 50 seconds to go. With the Texans down 6 they are forced to hurry. Deshaun Watson throws a 37-yard touchdown to Kenny Stills. The score is 27-27 and Texans’ Kicker, Ka’imi Fairbairn, misses the extra point. There’s a flag on the field causing them to redo the extra kick; this time the extra point is good, 28-27. With 0 seconds left on the clock, Will Lutz hits the game-winning 58-yard field goal. 

She Who Hears Man’s Prayers


Staff Writer

The unruly wind whipped through the Lost Goddess’ ashen hair while ever-so-gently kissing her alabaster skin while she lounged nonchalantly atop the Bryld Caldera’s very summit,  where the sun couldn’t shine. She shifted to her side and laid her head in her left hand and drew letters of a long-dead language in the powdered snow with her right. Her eyes, like the prepossessing blood of the cosmos, flicked far down the sheer rock of the mountain to the Earth’s Old Scar, where the black clouds covered her nations and kingdoms as they waged endless and countless wars, fighting to reign supremacy over one another. There were flashes of magic and divine prayers that struck the armies, further ruining the already war-churned mud of the battlefield. The Goddess could barely hear the cacophony of the warfare over the roaring of the Bryld’s winds. 

“Quiet down, Great Winds. I want to hear their prayers,” she asked gently. The winds suddenly halted and heeded her request. Without the noise of the thundering tempest, the Lost Goddess listened to the orisons of the priests and the dying. Some prayed for self-preservation. Others wished for death upon another’s army. There were even prayers that their families were safe, whether they were on the battlefield or not. She answered the prayers of man appropriately, on their faith. The faithful and religious had their prayers answered graciously and the unfaithful and unholy had their orisons denied scornfully. They all prayed to different gods, never to the Goddess who truly answered their prayers. The Lost Goddess was the only god who never forsakes man. All the others left, her brothers and sisters, venturing into the folds of Father Time’s temporal robes with intentions of new discovery, without ever giving their worshippers a second thought. Yet they forgot her. Day after day, the Goddess answers prayers of life or death, falsifying their god’s answers. No one person ever mentioned her name. Not that she would recognize it anyways. She hadn’t heard her name in hundreds of millennia. “Great Winds, you may resume your song.” The winds continued their harsh call, picking up where they left off. “For that is your purpose.” The Lost Goddess sighed and rolled onto her back and gazed up into the pale ray that was shown before her. If it hid wonders, she would never know. “What a lonely life to live,” she whispered as she closed her eyes, her voice snatched away by the wind.

Sixth Person Dies From Vaping


Staff Writer

More teens are dying from the cause of a serious lung disease which relates to vaping. On Tuesday, September 10th the sixth person died of vaping and using e-cigarettes. Vaping has become extremely popular in the teen community and has caused many issues with health. The federal investigation into the link between vaping and severe lung illnesses is ongoing and has not identified a definitive cause, but all reported cases have indicated the use of e-cigarette products and some patients have reported using e-cigarettes containing cannabinoid products, such as THC. So many lung diseases are caused due to this because teens don’t understand what kind of chemicals are in what they are inhaling. Teens aren’t fully aware of how vaping can cause them so many health issues in the future. They need to be aware of the dangers.

Is Cheerleading a Sport?


Staff Writer 

The debate of cheerleading being a sport or not has been going on for a while now. Cheerleading does many things that should consider it a sport. Cheerleaders do many flips, jumps, stunts, and other athletic activities that take time to perfect. They have long practices almost every day. Cheer is a hard thing to do that most people wouldn’t be able to achieve, therefore it should be considered a sport. 

Modern-day cheer is no longer just shouting at a crowd while smiling. Cheerleaders have to memorize a number of routines, stunts, sideline dances, and chats. These routines take so much time to learn and accomplish and by the end of it you are out of breath. Here at El Diamante, the cheerleaders have 3-hour long practices 4 days of the week. Cheerleaders don’t always do chants, we work out and do at least 30 minutes of cardio every practice. There are several layers to being a cheerleader; it isn’t just about having a bunch of blush and smiling at a crowd. The El Diamante cheerleaders also have to learn football and take a test to play in our games. Our couches here do not allow any cheerleader to play if they fail the test. 

Some critics do believe that cheerleading isn’t a sport being they aren’t competing or there’s no winner, so it’s not a sport. This may be true at El Diamante; we don’t have a competition team here, but there are cheer competitions. There are tons of competitions just in America for all ages. So if a sport is determined on it being a sport by it having a winner, then yes, it would be. Many cheerleaders practice for months preparing for a competition. 

There are many things that consider a sport a sport. And many people have their own opinion of what a sport is. But if a group of people is working hard they should be able to get the credit they deserve. 

The Big Green


Staff Writer

The Big Green…

It stands tall and shall not fall.

It’s as strong as a mule and gives us fuel.

It’s mean but green and lean.

It’s mad but such a good lad.

For it’s The Big Green!

The Big Green…

It’s full of school spirit and they shall hear it.

It’s a role model and goes full throttle

It makes us shout and gives us clout.

It makes us nice like little green mice.

For it’s The Big Green!

The Big Green…

It makes us sway at the end of the day.

It’s like a fire that’s full of desire.

It’s like a nation full of motivation.

It’s a green sea that makes us agree.

For it’s The Big Green!