World’s Largest Naruto Theme Park Opens In Japan




Staff Writer

The biggest Naruto theme park has just recently opened in Awaji, Japan. The park features multiple attractions which will be familiar to long-time fans. When one enters the park, they are greeted with two scrolls from the anime series. The Ten No Maki and the Chi No Maki, otherwise known as the Heaven and the Earth scroll. Once inside, the scrolls lead the user through the park in a mission style where they must complete the assigned tasks. When completed, the user may collect a prize in exchange for the two scrolls. The park is full of Naruto cosplayers and guides to lead you on your journey. To visit the park an adult must pay ¥3300 or around $30, a teenager or high school student must pay ¥1800 or $16, and a child ticket is ¥500 or free for those under the age of 4 years.

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