Rotary Youth Exchange


Staff Writer

The Rotary youth exchange is a program that allows students to travel to a different country to study abroad for a school year. The program is sponsored by Rotary international a non-profit organization. Students are connected to host families in their host countries by Rotary, the organization also provides a safety net for exchange students to prevent them from getting lost or endangered. The fun thing about studying abroad is that students are not only attending a different school in a new country, but they’re also endorsing with a new culture and possibly learning a new language. The journey has helped students develop lifelong leadership skills, has helped them become independent and global citizens. Youths from the U.S are not the only students studying abroad, Rotary is international, therefore the Rotary youth exchange program applies to students all over the world. When studying abroad, students will meet other students from different countries who are studying abroad as well, for example, they can be from Japan, Italy, Korea, Turkey, Thailand, and so much more. A day is also organized that allows the exchange students who are a part of the youth exchange to meet and share their stories and experiences. If you are interested in studying abroad or want to study abroad please come to the next Interact meeting in room 308. Interact is a club that is run by Rotary International. From there you can speak to the Rotary advisor, Paul Vargas, and he’ll be able to connect you to someone who is more involved with the Youth Exchange.   

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