Parker Boswell Named CIF Scholar-Athlete of the Year


Staff Writer


A quarterback in the Fall, a pitcher in the Spring, and athlete year round. ASB President, Parker Boswell, was honored with the $5,000 2019 California CIF Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year this week, becoming one out of 243 candidates for the award. The 243 candidates come from a number of the 1,606 CIF member schools in California, and out of over 830,000 student-athletes throughout the state of California (per With this scholarship money, Boswell will continue to pursue a future at UCLA, where, he says “ my Plan A has been to graduate from UCLA with a major in Business Economics.” With his combination of athletic feats and scholastic feats throughout his high school tenure, Boswell has earned this very desired award. Many of the teachers and administrators at El D respect Boswell, as, according to learning director Larry Buenafe, “Parker is humble and respectful in his dealings with everyone, and that speaks to his high moral character and quality,” With his free time, he devoted himself to El Diamante’s ASB, being voted before the beginning of his senior year as the school’s ASB President. If he wasn’t helping out in ASB,  Boswell was helping out at Valley Children’s Hospital, the Miracle League, Paint it Forward for Heroes, among others. Parker’s devotion to his school, and his community, through academics, through sports, and through the student body, has led him to earn this astounding award.


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