Joker Trailer




Staff Writer


The first actual trailer of the Joker has been released, featuring Joaquin Phoenix as the clown prince of crime in the film. The premise of the story seems to be at least based on the comic storyline of “The Killing Joke,” featuring the story of the Joker slowly losing his mind from society due to which “one bad day.” The trailer first starts with the Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) ironically in therapy, that is before he becomes the fabled agent of chaos. Our peek into the film continues as the future clown prince of crime slowing walking up a set of stairs, looking even more depressed than I will be after watching Avengers: Endgame. The trailer continues, with the soon to be Joker getting beaten even though he was just simply trying to make a living, failing as a comedian, and some believe it is to be implied that his mother died as well, all just on one bad day. This all follows the storyline of the infamous origin story of one of the most famous comic book villain of all time. As he grows a hatred for Thomas Wayne and is seen putting a smile on young Bruce Wayne’s face, one thing is certain: while Phoenix’s Joker may not be an agent of chaos like Heath Ledger’s amazing performance, but this take of a Joker who went insane after just one bad day, would truly honor him. And blows Leto’s terrible acting out of the water.

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