Stranger Things Season 3




Staff Writer

The first trailer for Stranger Things Season 3 has been realized, and the internet is excited for something new on the internet that isn’t controversial and/or depressing. A release date has been confirmed for July 4th, similarly the same event that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the gang with actual names will be celebrating in the next season. The trailer features the gang pranking Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) via Eleven’s powers, Steve (Joe Keery) having a new job, with a possible new love interest for the jerk turned the mother of six, a joke Keery has actually played along with.  With the enemy creatures from the Upside Down being named after enemies in Dungeons and Dragons (the best tabletop game of all time), many speculate that the next beast to be named the Tarrasque or the Beholder, infamous beasts in the D&D universe.  The series of Stranger Things took the Internet by storm, and there is not one human of right mind who isn’t at least interested in the amazing series.

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