Shane Dawson




Staff writer


Shane Dawson’s name has been all over headlines for these past couple days. Scandals have been released of Dawson saying inappropriate things from his past. Shane Dawson is a YouTuber who makes “conspiracy theory” videos and is famous for his testing out tv products on tv. A recent podcast had been released with Dawson saying a young girl was “sexy”. People had taken to Twitter to say their disappointment in him. THEN, his podcast that he had put out for his fans had him saying that he had a “sexual activity” on his cat from a couple years ago. He had stated on Twitter that he was joking and that he would never do any of those things. Shane had been trending on Twitter while people had begun to make jokes about the situations. March 19th, photos had been released of him and his boyfriend becoming engaged. His fans had defended Dawson through these situations and mistakes that had been made in the past.

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