Choose You


Staff Writer


Isn’t it funny?

How much you stare at me now that she’s gone?

Like you finally regret leaving a good girl,

Leaving me broken and crying in the dirt.


It takes two to dance, but only

Me to steal the show.

I said there was never anything to fear,

But baby,

Now I’m down below.


They say three’s a crowd,

But I’m wearing the king’s crown.

Kingdoms don’t last,

Only cities run by queens ever last.


I gave you every last piece of my heart,

Every last card was played by the queen of hearts.

You claimed every last piece of my heart,

Let the dust settle on the art.


Just heard you still wish you were mine,

Now just let me remember.

Even after all this time,

When were you ever really mine?


You only wish you were mine because she

Broke your heart.

Think back to when you broke mine.

Remember when you swept me under the rug,

I’ve grown unavoidable after all this time.


I’m still polite,

So please and thank you.

Please go away,

And thanks for turning something broken into something new.


Catch my eye,

And you’ll see me look away.

Try to say my name,

And I’ll leave you with nothing left to say.


So say what’s left,

And just walk away.

I don’t want to do this anymore,

So just throw it away.


Strike a match and set our past ablaze.

Just sew up the cuts and let the rest fade.

If we were meant to be, then let it be.

Look forward and stop looking back at me.


I loved you.

And some days I still love you.

But I’m thankful for me too.

Me over you.


So choose you over me.

Choose new over me.

Choose one over two.

Choose you.

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