JV Girls Soccer: El Diamante vs. Redwood Round 2



By Miranda Hurtado

Staff Writer

Recently, our JV Girls came back for round 2 with Redwood High School. Their previous game the girls tied 0-0 at their first round of league games. First half was intense, with the team playing with only 10 players with a line up of 3-5-2, while also making goal number one. The girls held strong for about the first 20 minutes into the game until Redwood kept rushing, making goal by goal, leaving the score 1-3 in the first half. Second half was full of hard moments trying to stay strong to prevent the score to get worse, but the final score was 1-6. The offense had a few balls up to the opposing team’s goal, but at the end, our girls did their best to win the round. February 2nd will be both JV and Varsity’s last game, along with Senior Night! Come out and support our girls as they finish their season off with one last win!


New Orleans Harsh Week


by Justin Vink

Staff Writer

A missed call that cost the Saints a Super Bowl trip. The best basketball player in the city asks to get traded. It was a rough week for the city of New Orleans, starting with the NFC Championship. The Saints were up 13-0 in the first quarter, looking solid, when the Rams hit them back with 10 points in the second, sending the Saints to the locker room with a shaky 13-10 lead. They scored first in the second half, but the Rams followed with their own scoring drive, bringing the score back to one touchdown, they traded punts for a while, when, after a Rams field goal, it happened. The Saints were driving. They were tied. Inside the Rams 20 yard line. Drew Brees dropped back on 3rd and 10, saw a wheel route coming open on the right sideline and threw it. Instead of playing the ball, Rams defender Nickell Robey-Coleman laid out the targeted receiver, Tommylee Lewis, before the ball even arrives. Everyone watching knew the flag was coming, it could be both a helmet-to-helmet call, a personal foul, and a pass interference call. The flag didn’t come. Every person around the world watching the game, including Saints coach Sean Payton, was shocked. The Saints kicked a field goal to go up by 3, instead of having a first-and-goal with a big opportunity to score. The Rams drove down the field and kicked a field goal of their own, to even the score and put the game into overtime. Then, disaster struck New Orleans. Drew Brees, a future Hall-of-Famer and one of the best quarterbacks in the league, was hit as he threw the ball on second down, still in Saints territory. The ball went soaring high in the air, picked off by diving safety John Johnson, giving the Rams the ball around the 50. The Saints defense stalled the Rams, but it was no use. Greg Zuerlein nailed a 57-yard field goal to send the Rams to the Super Bowl, their first since 2002. This raised controversy, leaders of the Saints speaking out about the missed pass interference call in the week following the game, including team captain Benjamin Watson sending a message out about how leadership and officiating lacked in the calls during and after the game. The defense to this situation is that the refs not only missed that call, but they missed a couple calls against the Saints, too. There was a few blatant missed facemask calls, one on Jared Goff and one on Brandin Cooks, where both players were outright tackled by their facemasks by Saints defenders, Goff being dragged down by the facemask near the goal line, which would have allowed the Rams to score a big touchdown instead of kicking a field goal in the fourth quarter. The refs of this game blew it for both teams, but the bottom line is that the Saints had the ball first in overtime, and though it wasn’t really one particular player’s fault, they turned the ball over. The Rams won this game, the refs performed poorly, and the people of New Orleans will be heartbroken for a while.

If this loss wasn’t enough, the fans of New Orleans were stabbed in the heart even more with the news from basketball star Anthony Davis’s agent that Davis is searching for a trade. Possible landing spots include the Lakers and the Celtics. Davis’s future in New Orleans is in doubt, and the New Orleans fans can’t take another hit. Hopefully, they don’t have to.

What’s Up With That?




Staff Writer

What’s up with teachers rearranging desks? Can’t a teacher just keep the same layout? It makes a hundred times more sense. Plus, why do we need to move seats? It just gives students more anxiety. We get comfortable with our seat partners, and then teachers throw a wrench into that. Then we all have to meet new people. No one likes to meet new people. So, what is up with that? If a student likes who they sit by and they get their work done, leave it alone, they are happy. Just to be clear, I am not throwing any shade at Ms. Moore.

Why Social Media Sites Should be Regulated




Staff Writer


Due to the progressively advanced techniques in software programs, people use this ability to exploit or tamper with images or videos (which people usually do not challenge), present it as ‘ professional’ evidence to justify their ideals, thus leading people to believe it without much of critical analyses. It is argued that weaponization of social media has gone out of hand, that the only front line defense to truly battle fake news is through critical thinking. Indeed, individuals who consume online material should be constantly wary and skeptical of deceitful information, and therefore should be knowledgeable, in terms of suspecting signs and indications that show some reports may be fallacious. However, it is in no other era where developments in technology are plainly emphasized. Scammers, journalists, and simply regular users on the internet alike are all capable of manipulating data and information in various sophisticated methods that make it seem authentic, rendering it increasingly difficult for people to detect which type of accounts are reliable. On that vein, while online consumers are responsible to be able to at least ensure that work is from a reputable source and/or has a standard domain, this exercise still remains defective. It is impossible to keep pace with the volume of information that is fed on internet users by the minute. Hence, it is natural for consumers to easily mistake and believe in false content. Those who are new and beginners to the virtual world – such as inexperienced persons that are too young to recognize falsehoods or too old to understand technology – are especially vulnerable in these cases. If programs that can spread and generate misinformation exists, then social media networks – with their own skills, tools, and knowledge regarding software – should be able to create a system that can eliminate untrustworthy sources.

“What Makes ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ So Different?” – Opinion Paper



Staff Writer

“Ouran High School Host Club” is the standard anime series in which one unfortunate student attends an elite academy of extremely rich students, and is forced to join the Host Club to repay a debt. But the catch is, that male student is actually a female. So the whole struggle and drama in this anime lie with the Host Club trying to hide their new member’s secret and having to overcome future romances. Pretty standard, and something that not many anime watchers find interesting at all. But in reality, this romance anime shows us how in-depth and mysterious each character is, with a struggle and a past, and the Host Club is the place of happiness for each and every one of them.

To go further in detail on the plot, honor student Haruhi Fujioka is accepted into the elite private school of Ouran Academy. When he accidentally stumbles upon the Host Club’s room, he bumps into and breaks an 8,000,000 yen vase that he can’t afford. So to repay what he’s done, Host Club president Tamaki Suoh has Haruhi become a host, but later finds out that he’s actually a girl, but she seems to be a natural at entertaining ladies. The other host members Kyoya Ootori (club vice president), Hitachiin twins Hikaru and Karou, Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka, Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka, and including Tamakin Suoh (the club president) all have to keep Haruhi’s gender a secret in order for her to finish her dept.

What makes this particular anime different is mainly how a romanticized clubroom could be the source of happiness for not just the guests, but for the club members expressing their true colors and finally being happy in this one place. For example, the Hitachiin twins Hikaru and Karou before were distant and cold to anyone who came across them, for they were identical and looked exactly the same, leading to no one being able to talk to one of them individually. Since they were younger they’ve only relied on each other and didn’t care about anyone else’s well-being. But when Tamaki decided to make a club, he invited them to join in hopes that they would open up from their shells and actually talk to people. And it did work! From their cold, harsh ways, Hikaru and Karou transformed into fun and mischievous brothers that open up to each other and everyone else, making them more likable and more comedic characters. Similar situations regard Mitsukuni (called “Honey” for short) and Takashi (“Mori” for short). Honey was the teacher at his father’s dojo and is a very strong fighter, yet he must pull himself away from liking cute things and eating cake. But when Tamaki comes along, he grants him a chance to finally do what he loves, and Tamaki also grants Mori (Honey’s cousin) to join the club also. Kyoya was convinced at the beginning to work on the club’s finances and to reassure every guest’s happiness to get away from his father’s heavy management and disappointment of him. And Tamaki, the one who started the club, made the host club to ensure a place where people can be happy and make a change in people’s lives, yet his dark past with his parents and family is still behind him, which adapts to his character as a whole greatly. The addition to Haruhi to the club was from being forced to join, but she later learns to depend on others and make friends rather than rely on herself. Her past experiences as a young child with her mother, passing away, still affects her even after years of mourning, yet the host club surprisingly takes that all away.

But how does the host club pursue so much happiness? How does it maintain a place of so much joy when it just entertains young ladies? It’s the hosts. They are learning to grow and change as time passes on, and they protect each other from problems each member has to face. They are a family, and even though this might not be something to watch for everyone, it has a deeper meaning to it than people might think. Behind the comedic laughter and interesting romance, I can guarantee that “Ouran High School Host Club” is worth a watch if you are interested, because there is so much more to the characters and the plot than you would think.



Staff Writer

Floating in the ever-flowing current

Drifting forever knowing the damage being caused.

The families separated, children kill, dads disappearing.

Forever and ever.

Floating in the ever-flowing current.

Forgotten, but do not worry

I always deliver the punishments

Without mercy.

For that is my calling is it not?

All of my siblings will be here forever and


Y not? I am after all nothing, but





Staff Writer

Proteins are a part of a healthy diet. We need proteins in our everyday lives to keep us going. For example, proteins can increase muscle mass and strength. Protein forms the building blocks of muscle. Therefore the more protein you eat the more muscle you build and become stronger. Another example is the proteins are good for your bones. Eating proteins, like animal meat, makes bones stronger. People that eat more protein tend to maintain their bone mass as they get older and have a lower risk of osteoporosis and fractures. One other example is that protein can lower your blood pressure. High protein intake has been shown to lower blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure you have a major risk of getting heart attacks, and even strokes. The more protein you eat, the lower the chance of you getting heart attacks.  Even though proteins have health benefits it can also have health risks too.
   When you overconsume proteins it can cause health risks. For instance, when you eat too much protein it can cause weight gain. When you overconsume more proteins than your body needs, the excess protein is used to provide your body with energy or fat. You can’t store extra amino acids, so it turns it to fat and makes you gain weight. Another example is protein can cause dehydration. It’s possible to get dehydrated from eating too much protein if you don’t drink a lot of water throughout the day. So make sure to drink, drink, drink. One other example is it can increase your kidney problem. If you have a kidney problem you have to limit the amount of protein you eat . If you eat too much protein it can put more stain in your kidney and make the problem worse. So no matter what, too much protein can lead to health risks and health benefits
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Animal Cruelty Law


Staff Writer

Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives re-introduced a bill last week that would make malicious acts of animal cruelty a felony nationwide. A person convicted of the crime could face a fine or up to seven years in prison, or both. The bill is called “Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture” (PACT) act. It is co-sponsored by Democrat Ted Deutch and Republican Vern Buchanan. PACT would criminalize “crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating, and impaling animals”. The measure would also address beastiality and other attempts to sexually exploit animals. AnimalCruelty