Movie Production


By Devin Prado

Staff Writer
Almost everyone in our society likes to experience and enjoy a good film, but what defines a good film? Production, is what defines a good film, and also a good film from a great film. There are an immense amount of components that go into producing a movie. From lighting and set design to sound design and special effects. Movies can cost thousands or sometimes millions of dollars in production fees, and those prices escalate even more after they pay all the hired hands and actors. The film industry is high risk high reward. So, as our society watches movies we must learn to appreciate not only the actors and the fine work they do, but also the work behind the scenes. The makeup and costume design, to the foley artists who make almost all the sounds you hear during the movie. Films are the blending of hundreds of different talents and ideas, the cumulative work of many people all put together to produce a single object.



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