200 Horses Found Dead in Arizona


Staff Writer


In Arizona, 191 wild horses have been found dead on federally reserved Navajo land. It is believed that the horses suffered nearly fatal levels of exhaustion and dehydration. As the herd was on its way to a stock pond or dried up water hole, they were accidently burrowed in mud. Due to the large amount of malnourishment the horses had suffered, they didn’t have the energy to eject themselves out of the mud.  As a result, some large horses were found submerged all the way down to the neck. Several officials put hydrated lime on the horses to make their bodies decompose quicker.

The death of these horses highlight the brutal conditions hitting the Southwestern United States, which has been battered by a terrible drought. This is because of a dry winter and not much runoff water. The Navajo Nation reservation has experienced the worst of this situation with not even having a potable water source. The reservation in total has tens of thousands of horses, and are looking for ways to properly manage their horses, so less die.

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