Will There Be Three California’s?


Staff Writer

California, the United State’s most populous state, is making way to the ballot for voters to poll on the decision to split it into three separate states. The required number of signatures to get the partition on the ballot was 365,000. Over 600,000 signatures were received from voters coming from all corners of California. The tremendous support form the all the voters in California will put this on the ballot next Fall. In accordance to the proposal, splitting California could really benefit the state. It would solve a lot of California’s most pressing issues and also help the central government of each separate state invest more on solving the problems in their regions. One of the three new names of the states are North California, which contains the Bay area and the other thirty-one regions of Sacramento. The next will be called South California, which will contain San Diego, San Bernardino, Tulare, Kings, Kern Counties, etc. The last State of Cali’ will be called California, which will hold Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, etc. All three new states of California will be split equally according to their population. This Fall it will be up to the people of California to decide whether to split their beloved state into three new regions.