Thunder Vs Lakers

BY: Marcus Garcia

Staff Writer


Russell Westbrook and the Thunder led against the Lonzo-less Lakers in a Wednesday night matchup. The Thunder finished the game off with a 20 point lead and Carmelo Anthony was the leading scorer. Melo had 27 points in the win and the Lakers were led by Julius Randle. After the last meeting between the two teams, where the Thunder won by almost 40, the Lakers had to come out with a new attack to ensure the same embarrassment did not happen again.


With tension between the referees and the players rising this year, Carmelo commented about how the relationship between the two was a lot stronger 15 years ago. The refs have been missing a lot of calls the past few years and the players are finally taking a stand.


The Thunder now sit at 25-20 and are the 5th seed in the west. The Lakers are not in contention for the playoffs in what is a rebuilding phase for the championship team. The Thunder are looking to keep the small win streak they have going and gain a higher seed in this years playoffs.

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