The age of Flat-Earthers




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The world being round has always been a fact that nobody would question since Aristotle “proved” it to be spherical around 330 B.C. The technology in the world today has made communication on earth easier than it was in the past. At the click of a button, your phone could have all the information you need, whether you are doing research or simply ordering wings from Wingstop. We are now free to do our own research and perform “background checks” on facts that have been given to us by other’s scientific research and government powers. Today flat-earthers are skeptical of science, and are convinced that the government is very powerfully organized. One of the first deep thoughts you might have as a child are, “why don’t the people in Australia fall off the earth” and the answer you get from an adult (who also has only heard this from someone else) might be, “because gravity keeps us all on the ground”. We are being given information that we could not see for ourselves but it sounds ‘okay’ enough to believe; we feel safe around the facts that are given to us. The government and science funded by government gives us all the information they want to tell us and we eat it right up; this is modern slavery. There are tests that you could perform yourself that defy science and promote the flat earth theory. Say you’re standing on a beach and are looking out towards the ocean, you keep your eye on a boat until it reaches the horizon, the boat little by little will begin to fall under the horizon. Scientist will say that this is due to the curvature of the Earth, makes enough sense to us right? So most of society feels comfortable enough to believe it. To see that the scientists are speaking lies, you can pull out your super zoom camera or your trusty binoculars, the boat will come back into full view, proving that the boat does not disappear due to a “curvature” on earth but disappears due to our perspective on the ground. It is hard to be a flat-earther in these times, if they believe the theory completely they are seen as looneys. The right way to go talking about the flat earth is to say that you just do not know what the right answer is anymore. It is naive and ignorant to stick to one side when you have not done anything to look at the other side of the argument; wake up and unbrainwash yourselves. I personally cannot pick a side, I would love to see more research  happen, but you have to do it yourself, our government will make that basically impossible for us.

49ers Show Hope For The Year to Come


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The San Francisco 49ers start the 2017 NFL season with hardly any hope. With a season midpoint record of 0 wins, and 8 losses. The 9th week into the season the 49ers make a trade with the New England Patriots to bring their backup Quarter back to the 49ers. Jimmy Garoppolo was brought to the 49ers and sat the bench for two games which they lost. Hope was fulfilled when Garoppolo helped the Niners win their first game. Five games later Garoppolo won out the rest of the season winning each games he started with the 49ers. The 49ers ended the season with a 6-10 record. Giving the fans hope for the year to come.

The Miners Shoot Their Way Past the Rangers



By:Zachariah McCorvey

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The El Diamante Miners took on the Redwood Rangers In a WYL matchup at the Mine Shaft on January,9th. The Miners shot was unstoppable in the second half, as they went from a tight two point game to winning by almost fifteen points. The Miners won 88-77, late in the game they decided to turn up the heat. The Miners guards, Seth Hall and Lorenzo Quintana both came clutch late seeming as they would score bucket after bucket to put the game in the bag. El Diamante took their defense to the next level in the third quarter, as the Rangers only scored 7 points in the quarter, as the miners tripled it with 21.

The Miners will take on the Lemoore Tigers at home on January 11th in a Wyl match up at the Mine Shaft. The Miners look to improve to even their league record which is at (1-2) at the moment, the Lemoore Tigers are (1-2) as well in league. The Miners have found their turnaround in a season which has started out shakey.

Disney Hotels Take Down “Do not Disturb” Signs

By: Michelle See

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Most Walt Disney World hotels took down “Do Not disturb” signs and swapped it out with “Room Occupied” signs. Hotels in Orlando, Florida are allowing housekeeping and maintenance staff to enter the rooms on a daily basis according to the company. The new signs read “ The Disney resort hotel and its staff reserve the right to enter your room, even when this sign is displayed, for maintenance, safety, security or any other purpose.”


The hotel chain said the new policy recommends that staffers alert a security or duty manager after 24 hours of consecutive Do Not Disturb sign usage. Disney said that “it was based on safety, security and guest experience, and its evaluating whether to change its policy at additional hotels.” This change follows through the massacre at the Mandalay Bay Hotel In Las Vegas last year in 2017. Disney and Hilton wouldn’t say whether or not the mass shooting at Mandalay Bay promoted the policy change.

No Pants Subway Ride




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Every January in New York City, an event that allows people to travel on the subway wearing only but their underpants happens. Random  passengers get to board the subway at separate stops in the middle  of winter with no pants. This whole concept started with seven guys who decided to board a subway with no pants as a prank to get people’s reaction and is now an  international celebration in which many cities around the world participate every year. At times it will get to be 17 degrees with an additional 10 degree wind chill. ‘’My legs are a little numb right now but i’m pushing through. Can a little cold weather stop us’’, says a 27 year old art student Karina Velasco. ‘’Im proud to be out here today,freezing my tail off with all these awesome people. We’re fearless!’’ the date changes from year to year and is announced in early December.

Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! Review

By Devin Prado

Staff Writer

Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!, is an album by American rapper and producer Milo. The album  has a mix of various sounds, but it mainly it draws themes from hip-hop and “low-fi”. Overall, the sound is very calm and rhythmic, almost abstract. It consists of a simple spoken word style over a constant and steady beat accented by the occasional high hat drums and short cords. To put it best, the album is deceptively simple, with a very easy going rhythmic and sound profile, but it ends there. The lyrics themselves discuss many of the major issues in the world today, ranging from nostalgic romance to the dilemma of war and peace in our world right now. The album speaks of how our society is trained to create soldiers, those meant to destroy, over poets and artists, those meant to create. It has many strong values in following your own path and doing what you believe is right, but also about respecting all those around you and helping others when you have the chance. On a number scale I would rate this album as a easy nine out of ten. The overall sound is great and is accented by the simple style contrasting dramatic diction.  

Shaved Head Controversy


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A girl of the age of fourteen decides to shave her head to help raise money for a local charity called Little Princess Trust that makes wigs for children with severe illnesses. Her school has an “extreme haircuts” policy and the length of her hair had to be one centimeter to be able to attend class. The girl’s name is Niamh Baldwin. Anneka Baldwin, her mother, believes that what her daughter did is brave and honorable and should not be shamed by the school. Mounts Bay Academy has a specific room named the “inclusive room” for students who have haircuts that are classified as “extreme haircuts”. Most schools in the UK have the same policy on extreme haircuts and have included their policy on their school website. Niamh Baldwin’s family believes that she should not have been shamed for donating to a charity. Baldwin did not show up to school that Friday because she felt ashamed to show up to school. Should the school still enforce the extreme haircut policy when it is due to donating to charity? Or is the Academy correct in enforcing the policy no matter the circumstance?

Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop



By Jorge Salazar

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29 year old Brandon Freeman, a Visalia resident, was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer after he pulled over a driver who turned out to be an off duty cop, according to Visalia police department.

At about 11:45 p.m., the off duty sergeant was driving by Mooney and Cartmill avenue when Freeman, driving a 2008 white Buick sedan, turned on red flashing lights to signal the sergeant to pull over. However, the sergeant became real suspicious about the lights, so he continued driving. The sergeant contacted on duty officers to pull over Freeman’s vehicle.

Freeman is also being charged with other charges, however, those were not specified to the public.

There was also a passenger in Freeman’s car who was arrested as well. The passenger was arrested for the outstanding amount of felony warrants  he had.

Suspected kidnapper in Visalia




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On Saturday January 6th, the Visalia Police Department was dispatched to the 8900 block of West Goshen Avenue. Employees of ABLE Industries called 911 after noticing a van had been stolen from their parking lot.


While officers were on their way to the scene they learned that two employees of ABLE Industries were in the vehicle during the time it was stolen.


Officers later spotted the van and tried to conduct a traffic stop but the vehicle did not stop. The suspect led the officers on chase. During the pursuit, officers learned that the two victims in the van were released shortly after it was stolen.


The chase was shortly called, outside of city limits. Visalia Police contacted other agencies so that they could keep an eye out for the suspect and vehicle.


The vehicle was later found near the  Kingsburg area at  Avenue 400 and Road 24. The vehicle is being processed for evidence.

Trump Tower on Fire

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A minor fire erupted in Trump Tower on Monday, with a billow of smoke hanging in New York. Secret Service agents first noticed the fire and contacted emergency authorities. The emergency received an enormous response with around 70 firefighters that quickly extinguished and controlled the fire within the hour. It is reported that the fire started when heaters in the cooling system on the exterior of the building erupted into flames. Unfortunately one firefighter was injured from falling debris while 2 other civilians came out with minor injuries from smoke inhalation. As the fire was on the top of the building, no evacuation was necessary. Also, no member of the presidential family was in the building at the time, as they recently went to Washington DC. Social media erupted with messages of worry but the fire ended up only being a minor blaze.The fire seemed more like a conflagration because the union of fire and water under cold temperatures created excess steam, making the fire look more severe. President Trump expressed his sincere gratitude and thanks to the firefighters on Twitter by writing,“The New York Fire Department was here within minutes and did an incredible job. The men and women of the #FDNY are true heroes and deserve our most sincere thanks and praise!”