How to Survive a Shark Attack


Staff Writer

The first thing people should know is to not swim in river mouths due to a lot of attacks occurring there. If someone also spots a fishing boat in the area they plan to swim in, they might as well just leave because that is a sign of sharks residing there. Avoid swimming in morning and night time because that is when the sharks are most active and experts beg people to not pee or bleed in the water. Sharks have an extraordinary sense of smell and will follow the scent to a person. If one does run into a shark, maintain eye contact with the animal. So they would know where is it at all times. People could actually give off the impression that they are big and powerful or weak and small, either one will cause the shark to ignore them. Also, experts encourage people to not play dead and to make sure they are near a surface to quickly escape to. Finally, one could slowly back away and try not to cause too much attention to oneself. Surely the shark will ignore and continue swimming.

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