Jimmy G. Traded to 49ers


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Patriots backup quarterback, 2nd round pick Jimmy Garoppolo, has been dealt to the San Francisco 49ers for a second round pick. This trade has sent waves through the NFL as it is apparent that Tom Brady will continue to be the Patriots quarterback for years to come. Coming into the season many speculated that Garoppolo would be Brady’s successor after he retires, or after he was traded. After showing promise in the first two games of Brady’s “deflategate” suspension a Montana to Young or Favre to Rodgers situation was in the mix. For the Patriots, trading away all your backup quarterbacks and going all in on your 40 year old does not seem like the brightest idea, but Belichick has done crazier things and had them prevail.


The current Washington Professional Football Team’s quarterback, Kirk Cousins, seemed to be a lock to sign with the 49ers in the offseason and reconnect with his former OC and current 49er head coach, Kyle Shanahan. Now, this is more than likely not going to happen unless Garoppolo is traded for assets after the season. Captain Kirk returning to the market has NFL teams licking their lips to pick him up. The destination that makes the most sense is Denver. After experiencing the failure of Siemian, Osweiler, and Lynch within less than a year’s time Elway needs to address the gaping hole at QB and sign the Michigan St alum.

Eric Bledsoe Trade


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Twitter has become a world of communication for sports. This was the case for Eric Bledsoe when he tweeted “I don’t wanna be here”. Eric Bledsoe, was the point guard for the Phoenix Suns. After the bad start to the Suns season, It became clear that Bledsoe did not want to be in Phoenix anymore. When confronted about his tweet, Eric said it was about a hair salon. Everyone knew it was not true and the Suns took care of the situation trading him to the Milwaukee Bucks for Greg Monroe and a 1st round pick. Hopefully Bledsoe finds a hair salon he likes in Milwaukee.

Miners Defeat the Rangers in a Rivalry Playoff Rematch


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On Thursday 9th, November 2017, the El Diamanté Miners took on the Redwood Rangers in a Rematch that was highly anticipated. The Rangers were after blood being broken not only after losing to the Miners once this season already, but losing their great Cowhide after 4 consecutive years with the iconic Visalia tradition piece. The Rangers failed to do so, after a loss with a score of 16-7. Nine points of which coming from senior kicker Alex Saldana, who has pulled for the Miners in some huge situations over the course of league play. Devontae Freeman scored the Miners only touchdown on a red zone rush. The Miners defense shut down the Rangers allowing only twenty one yards of offense and having two picks. Alex Rivera accounted for Redwoods lone touchdown.

  The third seeded Miners will advance to the Central Section Semi-Finals playing the Dinuba Emperors who are the second seed. The Emperors are going to have a handful, this is not the same El D from before. This El D team is HOT and they are looking to go to the title game this year. The Miners will play Dinuba in Dinuba this Friday, November 17th.

Riding on a Horse While Drunk

DUI Horse DUI Horse


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Florida police says a 53 year old Donna Byrne was arrested for riding her horse while being intoxicated. Donna was riding her horse on a very busy highway and passers hurried and called Florida police to take her off the road before she could hurt herself or others. As police stopped her they says that her eyes were red and watery and her blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit. Byrne was arrested and the police took her horse back to safety. As police looked into her record it turns out that Byrne has had other charges on her before like cruelty to animals, drug possession, and violating her probation. There is a chance that police will be taking her animals away from her for abuse and neglect and she will be locked up for a while.

Tulare Hospital Shuts Down

By Payton Lomonaco

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Tulare Regional Medical center(TMRC) has shut down! Over hundreds of jobs were lost due to funding. Patient’s had to find medical care elsewhere. Visalia Times Delta reported that the Visalia hospital is ready to transfer and take patients from tulare. Kaweah Delta is starting to get stressed due to taking on over a hundred people plus the patient’s that they are already  taking care of. We already have a shortage of nurses at the hospital, and we have people that use the hospital as a walk in clinic which makes it harder for doctors and nurses to take care of the people  who actually need medical attention because they have to take care of people that are complaining about a sore throat. TRMC is planning to reopen hopefully soon but due to all the problems they have been having, it may not be possible. People who worked at the hospital are applying for unemployment due to this disaster. It’s a shame that these nurses had to lose their jobs but some of them weren’t doing their job correctly. Some are accused of ignoring patient’s or not giving the patient the medication they needed. Although the patient’s had to move to find better medical care, it was for the best that this had happened.If  the Tulare hospital opens back up, hopefully they treat their patients better and have better funding.

Humans are Weird


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One of the Karacks is watching me. Of course, he is behind my back and hiding behind a wall every time I look in that general direction. Probably sent by Danny to see what my plans are. Little does he know, a Karack wouldn’t understand this classic of pranks.

I attached a transparent film to the entryway of the room, snickering to myself and occasionally looking over my shoulder. Before i knew it, the Karack was tapping me on the shoulder. As a child would, I looked down at him and I knew he was young for his species. Most likely with a parent on the ship. He looked worried.

“What are you making?” The child asked. I grinned.

“Do you know what earth cycle today is?”
“No.” He said.

“It is known as April the 1st.” I told him. “Its also known as April fools day, and as such, I have work to do. Danny and Pixi have another thing coming for ‘em today.”

“You are… you are hunting them?”

“No, no, this is simply a small prank to play on my friends.”


“Well, right okay, um, a prank is a trick- you know what a trick is, right?” He nodded. “Good, it’s a trick that you pull on someone because it is funny, or like today because it is tradition. Sometimes their mean, but unless you’re a jerk, they’re just funny.” He stared at me blankly. “Like… Like throwing a pie in someones face, or pulling a cellophane across a doorway and having them walk into it. Just, harmless fun, you know? So it is our culture to prank people.” I nodded to myself, hoping to sound less malicious that it could.

“Why?” The child asked. “What purpose does it serve?”

I only shrugged. “I suppose, it’s not for a purpose, it’s just for fun.”

“My name is Leo so you know.”

“Leo! That’s so cool, I know a child from earth called Leo also. You remind me of him, and I remember this one time where he and I were on this amazing adventure and…” I kept telling him of the story, fairly sure that he didn’t understand a word of it but I guess that’s okay. These guys still had a lot to learn about us.

The Risky Tie Between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia



By JUSTIN EVANS            

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Government ministers, former officials, and princes were swept up in an anti-corruption campaign that some analysts said could raise internal conflict, particularly as the purge arrests looked more like a unification of power by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the man behind the kingdom’s most assertive new policies.


The 32-year-old, popularly known as MBS, has produced a close working relationship with President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, while Trump himself has praised Saudi ruler King Salman, along with the relationship he’s developed with him, and made Riyadh the first stop of his first official trip overseas.


The Trump administration has aligned the US more closely with Saudi Arabia, even as some of the kingdom’s policies — including a fight with Qatar, home to a major US military base, and a Saudi-led war in Yemen that is creating a calamitous humanitarian crisis — have raised concerns among US national security officials and experts.


“I would say there are other elements in US government that are concerned more significantly of the risks that some of MBS’ actions pose to regional security,” said Lori Plotkin Boghardt, a former CIA analyst who is now a fellow at the Washington Institute specializing in Arab Gulf politics.


The prince and his father have invested heavily in relationships with the new White House team, with King Salman making one of his younger sons the new ambassador to Washington, and bin Salman cultivating close ties with Kushner.


The point of cultivating such a close relationship, said Boghardt, was to “try to get Trump to see their regional view, who are the good guys, who are the bad guys, who the US should have a tight relationship with, who are the troublemakers.”

“They were very successful,” she added.


That has meant continued strong support for the Saudi-led conflict in Yemen, where more than 10,000 people have been killed and support systems so badly crushed that famine and disease are devastating the country. “The longer the war continues without an endgame, the more strongly the US will be viewed as complicit in the humanitarian tragedy and as not doing enough to save civilian lives,” Boghardt said. “There are also major security implications for the US that accompany that view,” she added, including the possibility of radicalization.

Prosperity Manor Fire



by Sharon Adamson

Staff Writer


On Friday, October 27, 2017 around 2:30pm, Tulare and Visalia Fire Departments received a call in regards to an apartment fire located at the Tulare West Prosperity Manor. They arrived to the scene shortly after answering the call, and had an instant view of flames protruding from a 4 plex unit facing east bound. The team immediately began to extinguish the fire and started in on the interior attack. Tulare and Visalia Fire Departments were able to fully quench the fire around 3:30pm.

Residents in the four plex received some assistance with shelter, food, and clothing for roughly three days from American Red Cross. Tenants were notified that they would need to begin searching for new rentals due to the vast amount of damages. Rosemary Parriera, tenant in apartment 463 added that, “The ceilings in the living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and the front bedroom are demolished leaving my belongings covered and ruined by insulation, water, and roofing.” The damage in the apartments is currently unknown. None of the residents are allowed to retrieve any belongings until further notice from the property management. The property management is currently waiting on an OK from the insurance company to allow residents to move their belongings. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.