Is Zeke Bust?


Staff Writer

The Dallas Cowboy’s returning running back, Ezekiel Elliott, is starting this season a lot slower than his remarkable rookie season in 2016. Last year, Elliott was a true rising star in the NFL and was one of the league’s most popular to watch. There is not a lot of room to grow when your first season is such a far stretch. It does not help that the Cowboys took such an immense loss against the Denver Broncos this Sunday. The score was 42 – 17 and Elliot had only 8 rushing yards for 9 carries. The media has not been easy on the young player, even Hall of Famers are giving him a beat in the leg. LaDainian Tomlinson was interviewed by Deion Sanders after the game on Sunday and said that “He (Elliot) absolutely quit on is team…” and that he “didn’t like that.” There is plenty of time left in this season and judging a running back on one bad game is not a good game plan. Zeke is showing to be somewhat of a bust this season but nobody can predict how the rest of his season will go.

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