Eat, Sleep, Breathe Dance



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Dance has a very special place and meaning in my heart. There isn’t a day where I am not dancing! Dancing is my passion and it makes me very calm, and it takes my mind off of things. I can always express my feelings through the dance movements, and it feels good to dance it out. No matter if I am very happy or very sad; I will dance no matter what. I have been in dance since freshman year, and I wished that my parents had put me in dance class when I was little. I think dance makes me who I am today because there’s no place I’d rather be than a dance studio. Dancing makes me happier, and it makes me less stressed. Everyday, every morning, or every night, I would dance before anything else. Dance is good for health, because it helps you be fit, muscular strength, and it helps you get good and stronger bones. I also think dancing will help the weight loss since you would be sweating from the dancing you have done. Workout and stretch before you dance, so you don’t pull a muscle of some sort.



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Black swans fly in the breeze

White swans take in the breeze

Black swans hunt for food

White swans don’t move

Black swans don’t speak up

White swans do the speaking

Black swans feed the children

White swans feed and passes

Black swans sing for freedom

White swans sing for glory

Black swans braid their feathers

White swans don’t bother

For Black swans want to speak

But White swans shut their beaks.

Dark Places


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It seems you have wandered back into my mind, back into this terrible place. Now, why on earth would you do that? Not that it matters, we aren’t on earth anymore no, we are somewhere far darker, far bigger. Since you are here why don’t you dig up all those feelings I had for you? Maybe you will find me buried somewhere along with them.

Visalia Police Explorers


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The Visalia Police Explorers is a program for young adults between the ages of 14-21 who are interested in law enforcement. I have the privilege to be a part of this program, as I am interested in this field. This program encourages young students to participate in competition scenarios.  We train with police officers, attend a one week law enforcement academy, and go on ride alongs. In the program, we are required to memorize military time, phonetic alphabet, 10 codes, vehicle codes, and penal codes.   


Our competitions consist of scenarios such as domestic violence, felony traffic stop, officer down, building search, and a lot more. At competitions, the explorers are role playing as the officers and the advisors will be the role playing as the victim or suspect depending on the scenario. For example, in a domestic violence scenario the officers first need to separate the party. When that is done the officers need to establish who the primary aggressor is by taking statements from both sides. Once the primary aggressor is established, the suspect will be arrested for domestic violence and the victim will be given different resources for help. After completing all the scenarios a proctor will give each department a score and determine who placed 1st-5th in the scenarios.

Man Trapped in Apartment


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According to the New York Post, in California, a UPS driver left a man trapped inside his apartment after leaving his package wedged underneath his door handle.


Jessie Lawrence, the man trapped inside, resides in Dublin and had to call maintenance in order to get out. After he managed to get out, he did something most people would do now after an experience; he tweeted it. Of course it went viral and thousands of people heard his bad luck story.


He found the experience quite humorous, and he did not get angry in any way. He did complain about it, though, since the delivery placement was quite dim witted. UPS did not immediately recognize the problem and people on social media were baffled by their mistreatment to Jessie. He claimed he had to wait until maintenance heard his cries for help to get out since he lives on the fifth floor!


People started complaining and adding scenarios of dangers Jessie could have been involved in. For example, what if the building was on fire? Jessie would not have been able to escape from the fiery pit. This should be a lesson to all delivery workers to be wise on where you place the deliveries. It could place a person’s life on their hands.

Ball In The Family



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Ball In The Family is a reality show about NBA player Lonzo Ball and his family. The show goes behind the scenes of the highs and lows that the Ball family has gone through to get to where they are now.


The first episode depicts, their mother, Tina Ball’s stroke and how she is rehabbing from it. Their father, Lavar Ball, has a big part when it comes to chores around the house, and when it comes to Tina getting better. Besides Tina’s stroke, the pilot episode goes behind the scenes of the NBA draft.


Once drafted in the NBA, Lonzo goes house shopping to find a house or apartment near the Los Angeles Lakers facility. While Lonzo is looking for a place to live, his younger brother Liangelo  moves into the his old apartment.


The third episode is about the youngest brother, Lamelo, and how he treats women. The whole family tells him how he is disrespectful and makes stupid comments. The episode also includes the family telling Lamelo that they will be releasing his signature shoe on his 16th birthday, and he will be getting a Lamborghini on his birthday as well.
So far the show has been entertaining and interesting. The episodes range from 15 to 30 minutes. Each week the Ball family releases one episode on Facebook under Ball In The Family.

Eagle Creek Wildfire…The Teen That Started Oregon Mayhem


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In the several large wildfires that are burning and keeping crews busy this fire season Oregon Police have identified a 15-year-old Vancouver teen as a suspect in starting the Eagle Creek Fire on September 2 at about 4:00 P.M. in the Columbia River Gorge.  By the morning of September 3, the fire had grown to 3,000 acres (1,200 ha). On September 5, the fire hopped over the Columbia River into Washington state, near Archer Mountain.


Many believe that the 15-year-old suspect had used fireworks that instigated the fire on Saturday. They had then interviewed the suspect in the parking lot near the Eagle Creek trail that Saturday night. “It is believed he and others may have been using fireworks, which started the forest fire along the Eagle Creek Trail,” Oregon State Police said in a statement.


No arrests or formal charges have been made for the teens so far, police said. Oregon police want other witnesses who heard or had seen the teens with fireworks to come forward. Authorities have been in touch with the teen’s companions. “I saw this boy lob a smoke bomb down into the ravine,” hiker Liz FitzGerald told Willamette Week, “I saw his friend or a guy that was there with him videotaping it with his phone. I looked over and I said, ‘Do you realize how dangerous that is?’ “FitzGerald said she got out of harm’s way and helped police track down the group of teenagers” (Amy Held,


Extremely dry conditions and winds have allowed the flames to run rampant throughout the region. The Oregon wildfire is one of dozens ravaging western U.S. states. A wildfire in California threatened to destroy a 2,700-year-old grove of giant sequoia near Yosemite National Park. School districts canceled outdoor activities due to health concerns.


Although the boy suspected is 15, Officer Fugate said officers are investigating the case like he was an adult. He said it would be up to prosecutors on how they would seek to try the case after the investigation is over. Investigators have been in contact with “family and friends” of the teen. He also said the teen’s parents had been cooperating in the investigation.

DACA Devastation Under Trump Administration


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DACA : Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This federal program was created in 2012 under Obama to temporarily let young immigrants live, work, and study legally in America, after the Dream Act had failed. Nearly 800,000 children who were brought to the United States illegally, before the age of 16, finished high school and have said to have stayed out of trouble. These young adults are referred to as “Dreamers”. The program was seen as a compromise to help these individuals who ended up here without giving them complete citizenship. However, this compromise is coming to an end for future members and perhaps even current ones.


Donald Trump and his administration made a decision to no longer take any new Dreamers and threatened to rescind the program all together. Destroying DACA means no further protection or work permits. The Dreamers also have to renew their applications by October 5th if they want to continue receiving care. Trump is relying on Congress to act within the next 6 months, or claims he will ‘revisit’ the issue himself.


Several citizens are not pleased with Trump’s choice to deal with DACA. Lawyers for 15 different states, led by New York and Washington, filed lawsuits against Trump on September 13th over his planned repeal of the DACA program. They argued that authorities have “backtracked” on their promise to protect young immigrants who registered with the government. Removing the program also means hurting the economy. The country will lose even more millions of dollars due to DACA being diminished.


All Dreamers still face the chance of having their lives stripped from them. The shadow of deportation will be over them until we know the final decision of Congress in March.

Hurricane Harvey


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On August 25-29, 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. The tropical storm traveled throughout Southeast Texas and destroyed a large portion of Houston. While flooding many neighborhoods and highways, people fled from their homes as they kissed their belongings goodbye.


The catastrophic hurricane killed at least 70 people who drowned, died in power outages, or were crushed by trees or other large objects around them–leaving roughly 18 people still missing. Hurricane Harvey was said to have been the first major hurricane in the United States since 2005’s Hurricane Wilma.


The category 4 hurricane dropped 52 inches of rain, causing hundreds of people to call for rescue by boat or helicopter. As of Friday, over 21,000 Texans remain in shelters. While about 700 stores were destroyed and 48,700 homes were affected, America strives to help Texas back on its feet. All states are making donations of money, clothes, food, and anything that can help. However, Texas will not be the only state in trouble; Florida is currently under destruction of Hurricane Irma.


Please donate to Texas at and prepare to help Florida as well. Thank you.

The Problem with North Korea


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North Korea has been threatening America with violence lately and it is important to know first how relations ended up in turmoil.


After World War II, Korea was liberated from the rule of the Japanese and was divided in half at the 38th parallel. The Soviet Union occupied the north part of the Korean Peninsula while America occupied the south. In the north, the communist Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), arose while the democratic Republic of Korea (South Korea) formed in the south.


The republic in the north wanted to unify Korea again into a communist regime. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea attacked the Republic of Korea which engendered the Korean War with the US assisting South Korea. This is the first sign of tensions between the two countries of when they fought against each other in the Korean War. By the end of the war, the border between the countries was only minimally changed and forever increased the tensions between the neighboring countries.


After the fall of the Soviet Union, North Korea experienced shortage of resources and resulted in a famine where 3 million people died. North Korea attempted  to mend the relationship with America but failed.


Under the regime of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, he has rapidly accelerated their country’s nuclear program.


On September 3rd, seismographs captured a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. However it was not an earthquake but a nuclear test conducted by North Korea. It was their sixth nuclear test and the biggest of them. It is believed that this nuclear test was a hydrogen bomb. While they have claimed this before it is more likely that they have actually made a hydrogen bomb now. Atomic bombs split atoms, while hydrogen bombs cause nuclear fusion where atoms coalesce. Hydrogen bombs have the capability of being 1,000 times more powerful than an atomic bomb. North Korea reacted by having a large celebration in the capital of Pyongyang, honoring the scientists who made the feat possible.


Only a few days earlier, North Korea launched a missile over Japan, specifically the island of Hokkaido. There the missile created alarm and people were prompted to stay in safe and sheltered areas. After flying for 9 minutes and covering a distance of approximately 1700 miles, it landed in the Pacific Ocean. North Korea has also warned that it will target Guam, an American territory in the Pacific which has a high American military presence.


With North Korea threatening the United States and its allies, tensions have been heightened. The U.S. has criticized countries such as China and Russia for not taking greater action on the country’s threats. The United Nations has began to take actions on North Korea with multiple sanctions. Many other countries have also imposed sanctions on the country. Surprisingly, their closest ally- China-has began to support sanctions as well.


At a UN Security Council meeting, Nikki Haley, America’s UN ambassador, said that “Our country’s patience is not unlimited”, condemning North Korea. Also President Trump said that North Korea will be met with “fire and fury.” Time will only tell if this problem will end peacefully or violently.