El Diamante’s New Leader

Interview with Mr.HohneBy: CHANDLER LUCAS

Staff Writer


Throughout the 4 years that I – along with the rest of the senior class – have been on the El Diamante campus, we have gone through 3 principals.  Freshman year, we got to witness the farewell tour of the remarkable Mr. Waters.  We spent the next two years with a very different approach led by Mrs. Sanchez.  But with Mrs. Sanchez leaving for the District Office, our school needed a new skipper.  Mr. Hohne was introduced to the school at the end of last year.  Although many people were hesitant to yet another new face sitting in the principal’s office, many others embraced the new guy with open arms and wide smiles.  I was eager to have the opportunity to sit down and interview Mr. Hohne, and like many of the other students on campus, I had a lot of questions for him.


For starters, I was curious on what had driven Hohne out of a much higher pay roll at the DO, to come back to a campus and be a principal.  Turns out, there technically wasn’t a reason.  Hohne was given a temporary position at the District Office, and when his time had run out, he wanted to come back to his main love.


The words that stuck with me most is when Mr. Hohne said, “This is where my love is.”  Hohne stated that as soon as the El Diamante job was open, he immediately applied for it because he wanted to get back to the job that gave him the opportunity to change lives.  

“I love interacting with the kids,” Hohne said, “I love being able to go to games, I love having that Miner logo on my shirt because I love having the identity.”  The identity.  If there’s one thing students love from their administration, it’s definitely being able to interact as if they were friends.  Being able to talk to the school principal as if he was just another student is a gift not every school has.  And a gift that most students adore.  


I then asked Mr. Hohne what he planned on changing, or if he had any new ideas or plans for the Green Sea.  Hohne responded with, “Not a whole lot, we have a schedule and structure that no one has, there are tons of schools that would love to have block schedule.  So I don’t plan on making an drastic changes.”  Hohne also said he wanted to focus on improving our RTI system, since it is a system that gives students more capability to grow academically.  


Throughout all the years Mr. Hohne has been a principal at other schools, one thing I was deeply curious about was what gives him his love for kids.  Being a principal is not an easy job, and most of the time is pretty challenging, so when I wanted to know what gave him his love for students.  Hohne referenced to his coaching days back in the mid 80’s.  Being able to coach a kid up and make them a better athlete has driven him all these years, but not just sports, he wants that for all individuals.  The growth a high school student will endure over their 4 years is unlike any growth they have ever had.  They sprout from a young and timid freshman, to a much older and much more mature senior.  Hohne loves seeing that growth.  Even though this is his first year on the Miner campus, he loves being able to see the growth students make in the duration of the school year.  All the way from August to June.


Naturally, there are going to be people that will see Mr. Hohne in a different perspective.  I mean, that is why Taylor Swift made Shake it off.  Haters gonna hate.  I’ve witnessed instances where people have said they don’t like how upfront and, in a way, brutally honest Mr. Hohne is.  People at this school aren’t used to having their principal interrupt the National Anthem at a rally to make sure it’s quiet.  Although I personally love that, you can’t please everyone.  But the last thing that Mr. Hohne said to me applies to every student on this campus.  Hohne said that he wants every student on campus to keep their doors open.  


“The last thing I want is for some of the kids to look back and say ‘Damn, I wish I worked harder’ I just want everyone here to leave with a smile knowing they gave it all they had.”  


Mr. Hohne made it pretty clear that he not only wants to be here, he loves it here.  Being a dream maker was one of the things he said that I found pretty darn cool.  Having the capability to help someone hit the ground running is something that every principal should have, Hohne takes that to new heights.  No one knows what’s in store for the school year.  But the one thing that makes a school great is great leadership.  El Diamante seems to be in good hands.

Cody Gibson….A Man of Talent and Tenacity

Cody Gibson


Staff Writer


“A nation that draws too broad a difference between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools,” says Mr. Cody Gibson, a new U.S. History and Economics teacher at El Diamante High School. For a little history on his background, he was born in Blackwell, Oklahoma. He moved to Visalia, California when he was two years old. He and his older brother were adopted so that’s what brought them to Visalia. Mr. Gibson went to Mt. Whitney High School, Bakersfield Junior College, and Menlo College in the bay area. He’s been involved with the sport of wrestling for about 16 years. Before teaching, he was a professional fighter for ten years. He was able to build up a good enough record to get called up to the UFC in 2014 and spent two years fighting for that organization. Mr Gibson was lucky to have the opportunity to fight in different parts of both the U.S. and the world.


Mr. Gibson was technically not teaching at El Diamante all of his life. When being asked about why he chose to teach at El D, he explains, “I started my teaching career at Woodlake High School but always knew an opportunity came up to teach in my own community (Visalia) I wanted to take it. Over the summer this year, I found out that Mr. Hohne was coming to El Diamante and that a history position was opening up. I had worked with Mr. Hohne at Mt.Whitney years ago and was always impressed with his leadership so I thought it was the right choice for me to apply for the position. The rest is history!”


Whether you are a student or a teacher, many people discover the relationship between learning and how that relates to what is important in life. When asked about his relationship in his own words, Gibson indicates, “I believe that we are all lifelong learners. While I’d probably say that family is the most important thing in life, I also believe that challenging yourself academically is important because if you’re not challenging yourself, you’re wasting away an opportunity to grow. Education is not just about academics, it’s also about growing as a person and meeting your potential as a human being, so that ties into family as well.”


As we know, education is the most powerful weapon to change the world, but there is definitely some fun and excitement to the position of teaching as well. When asked about his favorite part about teaching, he states, “My favorite part about teaching is the interaction with the students and having the opportunity to be a positive role model and helping students realize their potential by supporting them through academic and athletic content.”


Lastly, Mr. Gibson leaves us all with some interesting facts about his hobbies and talents. Mr. Gibson comments, “I enjoy the outdoors. I like to go on backpacking trips, fish, cliff diving, white water rafting, and just generally being in nature. I also enjoy boxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and muay thai….This summer I started getting into video production on my Mac at home. I’m no expert, but I’m enjoying learning how to create/edit videos and having fun with it. And he never forgets his important and number one reason why teaching is so important. “My main goal as a teacher at El Diamante is to support students academically, emotionally, and athletically by working hard on delivering good lessons, building good relationships, and being a good coach.”


Welcome to El Diamante, Mr. Gibson!