Safe Sleeping Habits for Babies


Staff Writer

A friend of a woman named Jernica Quinones, experienced the death of her infant with down syndrome by SIDS, on New Year’s Day. This is why Quinones’ 4-month-old son has spent most of his life so far sleeping in a cardboard box.

This mother has taken part in a program in New Jersey that promotes safe sleeping habits education through “baby boxes.”

This is a box that the government gives to expecting mothers who receive a prenatal checkup. It is a box with clothing, blankets, and other supplies.  These boxes include a firm foam mattress and tight-fitting sheet, along with breastfeeding accessories, a onesie, diapers, and wipes. Instead of being a prenatal incentive, it is being used to deliver a postpartum safe sleep message to mothers all around.

Alabama joins Ohio and New Jersey in making free baby boxes available to families all around. Parents will watch videos online about SIDS and then take a short quiz. They then can pick up the box from a local distribution or can have it mailed to them.

States hope to see fewer babies dying now. There are about 3,500 infant deaths a year in the U.S.. Women now have to get a health check before the end of their fourth month of pregnancy. This helped the country have one of the lowest infant mortality rates. The box is a great hook and safe for sleeping education. Making it safer for babies.

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