Redwood Bounces Back After Taking Their First WYL Loss


Staff Writer

The Redwood Rangers battled a hard fought high scoring offensive game, winning 12-6 through 7  innings.The game was a duel of the sophomores as the Redwood Rangers pitched sophomore Sam Bower. Sam gave up 6 runs to the Miners as Brent Vasquez hit a 3 run shot in left field for an early 3-0 lead in the top of the first. Parker Boswell pitched for the Miners and the Rangers came right back in the game answering back with 3 also, so at the end of the first it was tied up. The Rangers came back with 4 in the second and the Miners could not capitalize any more as the Rangers seemed to hit every strike the Miners had. Nolan Montgomery also had a home run late in the game.  The Miners need to win one and have Redwood lose to win WYL. The Miners are now 3-2 in league and play The Lemoore Tigers on Wednesday, April 26 at El Diamante.

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