Before I Fall


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Life is something often contemplated; are we actually living up to everything we hoped and dream to be? In the movie, Before I fall, life choices have to be made by one girl who thought her life was perfect. Her name is Samantha. She was the popular girl at school, the one with the ‘perfect life’ or so she thought. After a traumatic crash, she revisits the day of the crash countless times until she realizes that it is up to her to change the fate before she falls.  She has to change her entire life from her boyfriend to her friends who she realizes are not the nicest people she thought they were. This movie has been referred as a crossover between Mean Girls and Groundhogs Day. Overall, the critics gave it a rate of three of the five stars, but I believe that it should be four of the five stars. The movie reminds the audience of the cruelty of high school teens and how young love can often be made from dumb choices. So if you are looking for a movie that’s filled with emotion and you want to ponder about life and choices we have to face, this is the movie for you.

Mummies Unearthed In 3,500 Year Old Tombs


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On Tuesday April 18, 2017, in the country of Egypt, Egyptian officials unearthed eight mummies, ten colorful sarcophagi, and numerous figurines in 3,500-year-old tombs. The tombs were found during an Egyptian archaeological mission in the Dra Abu Naga necropolis near Luxor in southern Egypt. The main T-shaped tomb belonged to a city judge by the name of Userhat and is typical of New Kingdom noblemen tombs. The Ministry of Antiquities, who were in charge of the mission, removed four hundred fifty cubic meters of debris, revealing the entrance of the main tomb and two joint tombs. Since the findings, excavation work is in full swing to reveal the secrets of the two tombs. According to the ministry, the inner chamber of the main tomb houses a collection of sarcophagi from the twenty-first dynasty and mummies wrapped in linen. The archaeologists also discovered ushabti funerary figurines made of faience, terracotta and wood as well as a collection of clay pots. In another room, the mission found “a collection of ushabti figurines, wooden masks and a handle of sarcophagus lid was unearthed ,” the statement said.

11-year-old boy commits suicide after girlfriend faked her death


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Tysen Benz from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula hung himself just two hours after receiving messages that his 13-year-old girlfriend committed suicide. The girl, whose name will not be released, has been charged with malicious use of telecommunication service and using a computer to commit a crime. The incident happened on March 14. The boy’s mother, Katrina Goss, said nothing seemed unusual that day when Tysen returned home from school that day. Tysen seemed happy and very proud of himself, because he went to his tutoring session without being reminded. Once after dinner, Tysen had went to his room. Then shortly after 10 pm, Goss went to tuck in her sons. Tysen had locked his room, but Goss was able to open it with her key.

At first she thought Tysen was playing a trick and being silly since he was not in bed and eventually found him in his closet. “I tried to hurry up and lift him up. I was screaming. I told my oldest son to call 911. My littlest one was bawling.” She told the post. The paramedics were able to revive Tysen. He was hospitalized for three weeks before he died on April 4. Tysen often used Snapchat. On the night of Tysen’s death he was said to be talking to the 13-year-old girl, who was using someone else’s account when she told Tysen that his girlfriend had died. However, no one warned her son that it was a prank. Goss said “I want him to be the face of the cause. It’s a serious issue that I feel is completely skirted.”

Oklahoma City Bombing


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Timothy McVeigh, the perpetrator of the bombing in Oklahoma City, one of the most horrific acts of terrorism in the country, was later convicted and executed in 1995. The families and friends who were victims and suffered losses due to the Oklahoma City bombing gathered to remember the past incidence. Many placed wreaths, photos, and balloons to remember those hundred sixty-eight people who had lost their lives in the year of 1995.

On Wednesday, a crowd assembled at the memorial and museum built at the original area of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building to remember those that lost their lives and for the 22nd anniversary of the incident. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) lost thirty-five employees due to the attack; Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD, reflected in his speech about the significance of the terrorism aftermath which should bring unity instead of fear and distrust to the future generations of America.

13 Reasons Why Review


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13 Reasons Why is a Netflix series that has all of its viewers in tears. The show is about a fictional character named Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide her junior year. Before doing so, she made 13 tapes explaining why she did it. On those 13 tapes she explains 13 reasons why she did what she did. The rule is that they have to listen to all of the tapes and pass them to the person after them. The show focuses in on Clay Jensen’s point of view, a friend of Hannah’s, who was devastated by her death.

Since the series’ debut on Netflix, most people have watched this show already and have gone through the heartbreaking experience of Hannah’s life. Thirteen Reasons Why has viewers fall in love with the characters and the actors that play them. The show itself was amazing. The casting, cinematography, and music were perfectly chosen. The series has 13 episodes and each are an hour long. The episodes get more intense as you watch. The show always has you guessing who you can or can’t trust.

Many critics think that this Netflix series is far too dangerous and risky for teens to watch because of its contents. Some scenes are very graphic and potentially triggering for some people. They claim that the show could be influential toward the younger audience instead of just giving their message like they intended to.

The series has a great message and has excellent entertainment value. The show is extremely sad, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a light-hearted series. I highly suggest watching this show if you can handle heavier topics such as suicide and self-harm. It’s worth the 13 hours for the experience you get out of it.