NBA: Thunder vs Rockets

By: Chris Nava-Romero

Writer Staff

It’s playoff time and both MVP candidates are at it showing everyone who’s better and who deserves the MVP. The Thunder having Russell Westbrook, who made history averaging a triple double for the season, is still doing what he does best and the Rockets have James Harden who is having the best year of his career so far. He is scoring more than most players in the NBA averaging almost 30 points a game. It’s game 4 round 1 of the playoffs and the series is 2-1 Rockets lead but the Thunder winning game 3 seem to be back and playing good again. The first half the Thunder came out ready to play leading the whole time and not letting the Rockets get easy buckets. James Harden only had 4 points at the end of the first half while Westbrook already had a triple double with 17 points, 10 assists, 10 rebounds and leading by four 58-54. It would be a close game the whole second half going back and forth all the way until those last seconds. Both teams fought hard trying to get this win to either tie the series or making the series 3-1. The Thunder at the end just couldn’t get good looks and the Rockets took over making free throws and wrapping game 4. The Rockets made the series 3-1 winning game 4 113-109.

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