Before I Fall


Staff Writer

Life is something often contemplated; are we actually living up to everything we hoped and dream to be? In the movie, Before I fall, life choices have to be made by one girl who thought her life was perfect. Her name is Samantha. She was the popular girl at school, the one with the ‘perfect life’ or so she thought. After a traumatic crash, she revisits the day of the crash countless times until she realizes that it is up to her to change the fate before she falls.  She has to change her entire life from her boyfriend to her friends who she realizes are not the nicest people she thought they were. This movie has been referred as a crossover between Mean Girls and Groundhogs Day. Overall, the critics gave it a rate of three of the five stars, but I believe that it should be four of the five stars. The movie reminds the audience of the cruelty of high school teens and how young love can often be made from dumb choices. So if you are looking for a movie that’s filled with emotion and you want to ponder about life and choices we have to face, this is the movie for you.

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