Tornado in Louisiana Kills Two


Staff Writer


A tornado hit the community of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, and killed a woman and her three year-old daughter after flipping their mobile home. Experts say that the tornado reached speeds of 110 mph and traveled for nearly a mile, and it was also about twenty yards in diameter. It was classified as EF1, which means that it is one of the weaker types of tornados. This storm also caused damage on the nearby town of Alexandria, LA, and affected several buildings and homes. Along with tornados, there were heavy thunderstorms, hail, and flash flooding.The governor issued a statewide high alert for everyone in Louisiana and to continually check the weather updates. States east of Louisiana have also been warned such as Mississippi and Alabama of the impending storm that is slowly moving east.

Spring brings the arrival of tornado season and many more storms like this are yet to come. It is vital that everyone in danger of being in the middle of these storms should be always be on alert and checking weather updates frequently.

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