North Carolina Overturns “Bathroom Bill”


Staff Writer


North Carolina’s controversial HB2 bill was repealed after a deal was struck between the state’s new Democratic governor, Roy Cooper, and the state’s leading Republican lawmakers on Thursday, March 30. Cooper signed the bill into law just hours after it was passed by a 78-40 House vote; the bill was passed by a 32-16 vote earlier in the day by the state’s Senate. At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Cooper claimed HB2 had been “a dark cloud hanging over [their] great state.” The contentious bill, which was passed last March under North Carolina’s former governor Pat McCrory, sparked incredible backlash; an analysis from the Associated Press found that over a dozen years, the bill would cost the state nearly $4 billion in lost business. Although the HB2 bill was repealed, the fight for the rights of North Carolina’s LGBT community is still under way. Simone Bell, Southern regional Director at Lambda Legal asserted that the state’s lawmakers simply “replaced a bad bill with another bad bill… [the bill passed on Thursday] is an attempt to silence LGBT people. It is shameful to stamp a start date on equality. We demand a full, clean repeal, and that includes comprehensive non-discrimination protections.”

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