Missing Teens


Staff Writer


As the week comes to an end, anger settles within the hearts of Americans all over the nation. Within the past week, social media has become outraged due to missing teenagers in Washington D.C.. Over 10 teenagers– who were all Latino or African American– went missing in less than 48 hours throughout this week. After celebrities and popular names (like Viola Davis, Ludacris, and others) created posts on social media regarding the missing teenagers, fury increased significantly after Americans wondered why the terrifying information was not being spread on any news channels. Twitter displayed several tweets and comments of those who were angry due to the attention that the missing children were not receiving. Many questioned whether the muted news had to do with their race or not. The majority of those were frustrated due to the assumption that police were downplaying the situation; however, there is no evidence or statistics that suggests an increase in missing persons. According to D.C. police, as of Monday, Demetria Carthens, 17; Rayna Gross, 16; Heaven Shamte, 15; and Dashann Wallace, 15, have all been found safe. As of Wednesday, 16-year-old Michelle Jordan and 14-year-old Jaylen Lee were both found in a healthy, stable state. America remains tense while waiting for the rest to return home.

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