Teen Saves Children on Bus


Staff Writer


Jesse Frank, an Alabama high school student, was riding home in the bus when he unexpectedly felt the vehicle start to swerve off of the road. Many of the children riding on the bus screeched with fear as they watched the bus driver experience a medical emergency, and collapse at the wheel.

Jesse knew he had to remain calm, as he reported to the driving seat to help. He immediately began to help steering the wheel. He says, “I looked back at her [the driver] and she had her head rolled back, hands off the steering wheel, and I was like, yeah, I should do something.”

He used one of his hands to firmly push down the brake until the bus came to a stop. He then called 911 and waited for a response until he released the brake. Once help arrived, Jesse Frank stayed around to help comfort the children.

He then went on to say, “It didn’t seem that complicated in my head. I just planned out a few simple steps. I didn’t know it would be that hard to execute them, there were several elementary students crying. One of them asked to borrow my cell phone to make a phone call to their parents.”

School officials are praising Jesse Frank as a hero and crediting him for saving the lives of 38 students who were riding the bus.

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