Our Ancient Ancestors Reveal More About Their Past

Staff Writer


In recent science news, scientists have just uncovered an amazing discovery of our ancient ancestors, the neanderthals. Scientists recently analyzed four neanderthal fossils in the Belgium’s Spy caves. After the scientists analyzed the DNA from the fossils, they discovered woolly rhinoceros and sheep in their teeth. This means that these individuals hunted and ate sheep as well as rhinoceros. Scientists believe that this makes sense because back in their day they lived in grasslands. This was really a breakthrough because we now know what their diet was, and we also know where we got some of our methods of eating from as well.

Also, there was another breakthrough that we uncovered from the fossils. The individuals had plaque, which isn’t surprising. However, one in particular had something else. This unique individual who was named El Sidron had abscess, which is a pus-filled infection. Also, he even had a stomach germ that causes a diarrheal disease and other germs that causes gum disease. Finally, El Sidron had plant DNA from poplar trees which is an ingredient for a modern day painkiller known as aspirin. This indicates that neanderthals used to treat themselves of infections to stay alive.
This is not the only thing that we uncovered about neanderthals in the past. We discovered that they had human DNA, which is a good sign that we evolved from them, they used ancient tech skills to build things like weapons and even shelter, and a neanderthal wearing ancient jewelry made from bones. Not only that, they seemed to have relatives from Europe and Australasia (lands in the South Pacific that include Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and a host of nearby islands). All of this evidence seems to point to the fact that we evolved from neanderthals, but in time we may finally have the truth of our human heritage.

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