Firefighter Adopted The Baby He Helped Deliver


Staff Writer


On November 11, 2011 everything changed for Marc Hadden that day. He received a medical emergency while working with the medical unit regarding a pregnant woman in labor. Hadden and his partner helped the woman in the ambulance after arriving at the scene where she began to give birth. At the time this was Hadden’s very first time taking charge of a delivery.


After they had called for backup, the mother and her newborn child were rushed to the nearest hospital for medical care. Later on after they had arrived at the hospital, Hadden had overheard that the mother wanted to put her baby girl up for adoption. Although Hadden and his wife were very fortunate to have their two sons, they were unable to have any more children due to medical complications.
Later on that day, Hadden introduced himself to the mother of the newborn baby and told her about his family and why they wanted to adopt the little girl. After they brought the baby girl home, they named her Rebecca Grace Hadden after Hadden’s wife. Lately she has been going by the name “Gracie”.

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