Superman’s Diamond


Staff Writer


One lucky teen boy roaming at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, discovered a piece of a 7.44-carat diamond. The boy’s name is Kalel Langford, and he named the diamond “Superman’s Diamond.” The diamond he found is the seventh-largest diamond ever found at that park.


The boys mom, Michelle Langford, said, “He was really excited. The funny part is he had just played in a baseball tournament so he was pretty tired, but I think it took a day or two once he had gotten some sleep for it to fully sink in.” She was very impressed with her son’s amazing discovery.


His mom also said, “at first he thought it might be a diamond but wasn’t convinced.” As the family showed the discovered diamond to the park staff, they said, “i’m not really sure what it is.”


Kalel was at the park for only about 20 minutes and found the diamond with little to no effort. It was found as a coffee colored little thing, about the size of a pinto bean.


His mother concludes by saying, “He’s a very good kid, he is much into science. He loves rocks and loves minerals.”

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