School Slave Auction Posters

Staff Writer


In South Orange, New Jersey, fifth graders made posters that advertised slave auctions. They were removed off of campus because parents were complaining and questioning the assignment and why it was considered appropriate.


Parents complained that the school district needs to be more cautious of acknowledging the uglier parts of our past, not making it seem like a fun thing, by making posters and turning it into a school project. One of the many posters that were hung around the elementary school campus was a list of the names of available slaves. An example of one was a 12 year old girl who was described as a “fine house girl” The poster said “all slaves raised on the plantation of John Cart, and only accepts cash.”


The posters were made more like slavery was a fun thing, and not a serious and educational matter. The complaints got all of the posters taken down from around the school. It wasn’t the students fault because they didn’t know any better, more the teachers and school boards fault.

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