Staff Writer
Logan came out on March 3, and it is a superhero movie based on the character “The Wolverine” played by Hugh Jackman. This movie is the tenth installment in the X-Men film series. It was directed by James Mangold, and the film is based on a past-his-prime Logan venturing on an adventure across the “future America”. They filmed in New Orleans, Mississippi, and New Mexico. People who have viewed it called it “one of the best films in the X-Men series!” This movie has made $300 million worldwide. The film takes place in the year 2029, and the mutants are on the brink of extinction. Logan spends his days as a chauffeur and hustles for drugs on the low. Since his powers are now starting to harm him, he has aged greatly and takes care of Professor Charles Xavier along with a colleague. Logan and other mutants he has met throughout his journey seek out for a new beginning. This movie is recommended for people who enjoy a good thriller and superhero movie.

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