Astro Lasso, Plaid Brixx, and Cute Is What We Aim For


Staff Writer


At the We The Kings concert in Santa Ana on March 19th, we were fortunate enough to see the opening bands and meet most of them. Astro Lasso, a band that started playing live merely a month ago, was the first band to play in front of a crowd of two hundred people or so. The next was Plaid Brixx and right after that, Cute Is What We Aim For. All of the bands played so well and added to the excitement of the concert.


Astro Lasso performed some of their songs off of their new EP. They talked and interacted with crowd and ended up passing out some glowsticks, which could later be use as a discount at the merch. Plaid Brixx came right after and the lead singer was full of energy. He got the crowd jumping even if they never heard of them before. Cute Is What We Aim For took on a more political sound and used their time to spread positivity.
After the concert, we hung out around the merch stand and waited for our meet and greet with We The Kings. While waiting, Jordan from Astro Lasso was out talking with fans and we were able to steal some of his time and talk about how we appreciated his music. He was incredibly nice, even though he was sick, and we talked for a good ten minutes. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to talk to the other bands. All of their music is awesome to listen to if you’re looking for a more positive vibe. Their music can be found on YouTube or Spotify.

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