West Virginia vs Gonzaga


Staff Writer
This sweet sixteen game between two top teams with two top coaches in the NCAA all-time, was on for the ages. Many games throughout the tournament end on crazy buzzer-beaters or big stops to get the win, and that is exactly what happened thursday night. Through the whole game Gonzaga and West Virginia were going back and forth basically every possession. In the first half Gonzaga was winning the tough matchup to be up by two with Mathews and Williams-Gross dominating the game. Yet, in the second half West Virginia would not go away, Carter and Miles started hitting the shots they always hit to keep them in the game. Miles made a huge three to put West Virginia up by 1, and then they found a way to get a stop. All they needed was one big bucket to seal the deal with a potential dunk. Yet, as west virginia’s forward, Adrian, went up for a dunk three Gonzaga players came flying in to get a big block. Williams-Gross quickly got the rebound and pushed the ball to find a wide open Mathews with a huge three pointer to put them up by two. West Virginia came down the court with no play in hand and just dribbled and dribbled to end up getting off a ridiculous shot that was not even close. With adding a free throw West Virginia came up short in a tough rugged matchup losing 61-58. Gonzaga is starting to silence all the doubters.

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