Teen Girl Assaulted; Refused to Come Home


Staff Writer


In Chicago, a high school freshman was sexually assaulted in an attack on Sunday night. The mother of the fifteen year old girl found out about the incident through screenshots sent by her daughter’s friends.  The video of her daughter was streamed live on Facebook and since the attack, the footage was viewed by forty people on Facebook Live in which none even reported the situation to the police.


On Wednesday, it was discovered that her daughter had received multiple online threats on Facebook stating, “they are going to get her”. Additionally, neighborhood kids began taunting and laughing and even goes as far as harassing her family about it. They would constantly ring the family’s doorbell searching for the girl. The video depicts the girl frightened and in fear as she was being pulled into the bed and trying to escape.


Andrew Holmes, a local activist, viewed the video after being consulted by the victim’s mother and was even more shocked by the apathy of the others involved. After the police questioned a few people, they still have not specified any perpetrators or arrested anyone involved in the incident. It was shown that six men, or boys, were involved, however only one of them the girl knew.


After interviewing the spokesperson on Facebook, Andrea Saul, she stated that, “the company takes its responsibility to keep people safe on Facebook very seriously.”

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