Wind Storms Turn New York House To Ice


Staff Writer
Earlier this week in Lake Ontario, New York, and surrounding states, the area endured freezing temperatures, heavy winds, and a crazy snow storm. The conditions were so bad, that they covered multiple houses and other objects in ice. Crazy conditions resulted in the houses being shut, frozen, or untouched.


Photographer, John Kucko, documented the results and posted them to Facebook. The post reads, “Frozen! The effects of heavy wind this week along Lake Ontario.” The certain house Kucko posted on facebook sits right on Lake Ontario, with no wall to block it from the spray of the water, hence the reason the ice covered the whole front side of the house.


The windstorm, which lasted five days, had lake water and freezing temperatures combined to cover the entire house with ice. After posting the photos of the house on facebook and twitter, the posts went viral. The post itself has over one thousand seven hundred likes and nearly one thousand six hundred shares. It is still unclear if the homeowners were able to access their property, or if they just decided to stay away from the chilly abode until Spring comes around.

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