Two Deputies Accused of Murder


Staff Writer


In Marksville, Louisiana, a six years old autistic boy, Jeremy Mardis, was shot more than once by two deputies. The head of the Louisiana State Police Department expressed their shock through the recording of the incident where a video from a police officer’s body camera captured multiple gunfires and the unsettling aftermath that took place during a November 2015 traffic stop. The father was injured badly, but the boy’s dead body was still strapped in the front seat of a car covered with bullets fired by the two officers.


Six months later, the case of Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr., the two law enforcement officers who killed a child, were accused of second-degree murder. Three hundred jurors were present to question the incident that resided in the footage. The video is evidence that shows Christopher Few, Jeremy’s unarmed father, was in no way a threat to the officer, as they presume to fire towards the car from a careful distance. The father was shown to have raised his hands in surrender in his car as the deputy fired four of the eighteen shots at Jeremy.


However, the defense attorneys counter the accusation by stating that the two deputies were acting as self-defense towards Few, who seemed to have led the officers on a two mile chase and then collided with Greenhouse’s vehicle before the two deputies shot. A state Police detective counteracted by stating that there is no solid evidence to claim that Few’s car purposely collided with Greenhouse’s vehicle, however, there is also no concrete evidence that it did not happen either. Stafford  and Greenhouse had charges filed against them being guilty of excessive force and neglecting their duties as police officers during the incident as they await the separate trials. The shooting, nonetheless, added concerning conflicts involving law enforcement and people of the central Louisiana town.

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