No Girls, No Team


Staff Writer


In our society, we find sports a very important activity which brings families together and tons of entertainment. Sports also helps raise money for our economy and helps accelerate our children’s future as well. As a result, many people feel that sports are very important, especially when it comes to team formation.


The people who make up the team is what makes some teams stand victorious. A team that gets along well with each other and participates a lot typically does very well in comparison to a team who does not get along very well and that does not participate as often. So, coaches have to make sure that everyone gets along and that everyone gets to participate. However, a recent story came around that shocked many people.


A New Jersey youth basketball team decides to forfeit because they couldn’t play a season with girl teammates. They unanimously decided to do this because their team was cut down to nine boys without two other girls who were originally a part of the team.


The coed team had played ten games this season without anyone mentioning the fact that this was against league regulations on age and gender. Coed teams are not allowed in the Catholic Youth Organization after the 4th grade. Currently, this team is comprised of 5th graders that fall under the middle school rules that prohibits this.


Matthew Dohn, raised the question that these rules are not clearly posted anywhere, and the league’s director had not commented yet.


Dohn later told CNN that the team, St. John’s Chargers, was sitting in 3rd place in their division, but the referees told them that they could play to get a spot in the playoffs, but not with the girls. The team’s coach and parents asked them what they wanted to do by making a vote. It was either play as a team, and most likely end up forfeiting, or play without the girls.The result was that they all wanted to play as a team, and would most likely forfeit.


One player said according to Dohn, “It doesn’t matter.” Dohn told CNN, “I was filled with emotion and joy. They’re only kids but they know what’s important.”


The team ended up forfeiting, but they decided to play a scrimmage amongst each other. One team wore their original Jerseys while the other team wore custom made navy-blue T-shirts that had “#Unity Games” written on it which was made by parents. This occurred two weeks after the forfeit.
Even though they forfeited, they still practice together according to John, and maybe their message will become widespread to our society.

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