Missing Blind Dog Found After a Week of Searching


Staff Writer
Last week, a 12 year-old yellow lab named Sage, who is completely blind, went missing from her home in Boulder Creek, CA.  The Cole family was spending time outdoors and when they came inside, they realized that Sage was not with them.


For several days the family and friends searched tirelessly through the woods surrounding their home hoping she would be there. She wasn’t. Flyers went up around the neighborhood and posts were made on social media.


The family started to lose hope when it got to the 5th and 6th day. When Dan Estrada, the Cole’s neighbor, found Sage; it was a complete accident.


He took his own dogs on a hike in the woods when his wife noticed something next to the stream. At first, the Estradas’ believed she was dead until she lifted her head up. Relief flooded through them. Dan noticed that she was too weak to walk, so he picked her up and carried her up the hill to her home.


Her family was overjoyed and emotional when they saw their precious family member again. Sage was home safe and sound, thanks to an amazing neighbor.

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