Making the House of the Future


Staff writer


In Stupino town, Russia, the first 3D printed house was built on site. Other 3D printed houses have been built, but they are constructed in factories and then assembled on site. Apis Cor built the first 3D printed house on site. The house was built at an Apis Cor factory. They have a 3D printer that resembles a tower crane. The walls were printed with the 3D printer. They chose to build it at the coldest part of the year. The printer ink and concrete mixture can only be used at 3 degrees celsius (37 degrees Fahrenheit). After the house was built the roof was added. The roof is flat and can withstand high snow loads. The house was painted a yellow color. The 3D printed house has six windows and one door. It was furnished with a fridge, microwave, chairs, table, couch, washer, samsung TV, stove, oven, and dishwasher. The house cost $10,134 to print. All the accessories were provided by other companies.
There were six companies that helped. PIK Companies Group is the leading Russian public developer and strategic enterprise of Russia’s economy. Samsung electric co., LTD who provided high-tech appliance. Technology Corporation are one of the largest international manufacturer for building material. They provided the mixture the 3D printer use to build the house. Bitex Reibeputz company is a German company is the the leading company that develop, produce, and market paint and reinforcing materials. Fabrika Okon manufacturers in thermo-windows with climate control. The six companies that came together are open to the technology of the future and are willing to change people’s lives. They believe this will be the start of 3D printed houses.

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