Lights Out on Lady Liberty


Staff Writer
The famous Statue of Liberty was temporarily in the dark for several hours Tuesday night. A spokesman calls it an “unplanned outage.” A local news station said that only the crown and torch of the statue was lighted.


This outrage sparked social media to say it was done deliberately for the “Day Without Women” protest. National Park Service spokesman Jerry Willis said it was just a human error. Willis says the outage was related to a project for a new emergency backup generator. Willis also states Liberty will experience more outages over the next few weeks.


An official Twitter account for the Women’s March noticed that the lights did not turn on, then tweeted “Lady Liberty for the memo. On ⅜, we strike!” Many others suggested the darkness was the nation’s symbol of  a protest of President Trump’s travel ban. However, it just turned out to be a power outage. The lights returned shortly after midnight.

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