Ellen Fisher


Staff Writer


Veganism. A crazy diet, am I right? But for a certain family, it’s more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle! Ellen Fisher began a vegan in 2006 due to health problems and her battle with anorexia. She wanted a change to be happier and healthier, so she took on the challenge of Raw Veganism. Together, Ellen and her husband raise their two children, Elvis and Sandy, on the same Raw Vegan lifestyle to promote the wellbeing of themselves and the animals around them.


For those who don’t know, there are different types of Veganism. The Ethical Vegan, the Raw Vegan, and the Plant Based Vegan. Many people choose which diet is perfect for them based on their lifestyle.


Many people believe that Vegans can’t eat anything! But that’s not true. Vegans do not eat the same boring and bland food everyday. It’s not shoveling in leaves or not eating sweets. Vegans can eat almost everything anyone else can eat! It just has to be made a little differently. Vegetables and fruits are huge, and with such a variety, you’ll most likely be able to find your favorite.
What are the benefits of veganism? A healthier you! Some go vegan for animals rights, and for others it can go far beyond that! Going vegan is shown to prevent a number of diseases and provide many physical benefits. No matter what vegan lifestyle you choose, the benefit you and others can receive is lifechanging!

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