Westbrook Scores a Career High


Staff Writer


Westbrook is taking the league by storm this year averaging a triple double, which has not been done in thirty years. Westbrook and the Thunder entered the game against the Trailblazers being in seventh place in the western conference. Westbrook knows he wants to get the sixth seed or higher to not have to face one of the two premier teams in the league in the Warriors and Spurs. So, you know that the full animal is coming out of Westbrook to try do everything he can do to help his team get where they need to be.


Westbrook throughout the entire game was attacking, pulling up, from three and midrange. Westbrook is originally not such a great shooter with percentage, but tonight he was feeling it shooting 21-39 from the field and 13-16 from the free throw line. It was back and forth all game from back to back threes, and back to back steals, the game seemed like it would go into overtime. Westbrooks performance with a career high of 58 points, and to also add 3 rebounds and 9 assists was still not enough to outlast the blazers losing 126-121 in a end of game thriller. Westbrook knows what he has to do the rest of the season to get where they need to be, because obviously 58 points is not enough.

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