Trump’s Travel Ban Faces Legal Challenge


Staff Writer


Late in the day on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, Hawaii filed a request to the federal court to alter a lawsuit previously lodged against President Trump’s first failed ban. Trump’s executive order, which was signed on Monday, inputs new visas for people from six Muslim-majority countries.


Washington state also declared a renewal to block the executive order, and a judge granted Oregon’s request to join the case. These events happened a day after Hawaii launched its own argument. Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson and New York state also asked to join this legal statement. It was said by Massachusetts state Attorney General Maura Healey that the state is joining fellow states in this movement of challenging the revised travel ban.
Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin deemed that the state could not stay silent with a matter like this because of Hawaii’s unique culture and history. Hawaii depends heavily on tourists and travelers, inducing an economic hit to it’s populous state.  He also noted that the ban order comes just after the 75th anniversary of the Feb. 19, 1942, executive order by President Franklin Roosevelt that sent Japanese Americans to internment camps during World War II. Hawaii’s complaint is said to be protecting its residents, businesses and schools, as well as the “sovereignty against illegal actions of President Donald J. Trump and the federal government.” Hawaii’s lawsuit challenging the travel ban is focused on the pursing damage to its economy and tourism. Chin claims people may fear travelling even within Hawaii because they will be forced on encountering with a federal agent every time they get on a plane to visit neighboring islands.

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