Shooting in Seattle


Staff Writer


The shooting in Seattle, Washington quickly followed the shooting in a Kansas bar where an Indian man was murdered and another was injured. A Sikh man was injured during the shooting and explained that the man that shot him in the arm shouted and told him to go back to his own country. The victim was nonetheless thankful that he survived the incident, but the safety of his family is something he felt uneasy about. So far, no information had been released concerning the victim, however the incident had erupted  from variety of community leaders and its community.


The police and the FBI have commenced an investigation on the event during Friday night. Although no arrests have been made, the Friday night shooting was considered a hate crime as one FBI’s Seattle officer informed, “it is committed in investigating crimes that are potentially hate motivated.” The shooting in Seattle had shaken the members of the Sikh community. Nonetheless, the officer and FBI had delivered a “positive” and “reassuring” response, but the Sikh community is still concerned about being a victim, or targeted in public areas. As the name-calling and other racist occurrence increased recently it lead to a, “hateful incident [echoing] the disturbing pattern of anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim attacks in out state and across the country.” stated Washington Government.
Jasmit Singh, who is part of the Sikh community, specified that the occurrence against racism are not “Sikh-American, ” “Muslim American,” or “Jewish-American,” issues, but instead it is all solely an American issue.

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