Woman Used Fake $100 Bill To Buy Girl Scout Cookies


Staff Writer

On February 22, a woman used a fake $100 bill to buy four boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout Omaha Troop 45263 was selling cookies outside of Walmart when a woman came up and said she wanted to buy four Girl Scout cookies with a $100 bill.


Gosch had noticed that the women seemed fidgety. She was also talking about selling things on Craigslist. The troop leader, Roni Gosch, said the girls did not have enough change so Gosch went to her car to get $80 worth of cash to give to the woman buying the cookies. Gosch soon then realized that the money the woman gave her was fake.


Gosch  tried to track the woman down but it was already too late. Gosch then explained to KEYV that the money goes towards a camping trip for the girls.


“Other than that counterfeit bill, we had a good night. We sold 150 boxes of cookies,” Gosch said. “Everything will turn out fine. We just have to watch for counterfeiters.”

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