The Young Renegades Tour



Staff Writer


All Time Low is going on another US tour after their UK tour that took place in the winter of 2016. This tour is for their new album The Young Renegades. The band released the dates on Friday, February 24th, 2017.


The tour they went on last year mainly revolved around their album Future Hearts and only took place in the UK. Fans from the US have been eager for another tour on this side of the pond – now they have it.


There is an option to preorder the new album and get early access to the tickets. Their new album is set to release on June 2nd and the first concert date is June 30th. They have already released the names of the songs as well. Their last album was released in April of 2015 so their fans did not have to wait for the new album for too long.
Their music is very upbeat and inspiring, so I highly recommend going to their concerts. If you are interested, purchase tickets as soon as possible. Venues and tickets will, without a doubt, be sold out quickly.

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