Kansas Bar Shooting


Staff Writer


In Olathe, Kansas, a fifty-one year old white man named Adam Puriton made his first appearance in court on Monday through a video link. He was charged with first degree murder and attempted murder after killing and injuring two Indian men, Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani, in a bar. They both came to the U.S. from India to study. The incident aroused a lot of uneasiness among Americans and their perspective and treatment of immigrants due to President Trump’s stance and pledge to permit bans on certain travelers.


After the incident, the bartender at the restaurant explained to a 911 dispatcher that the suspect confessed to shooting two people he described as Iranian. According to the witnesses, Puriton said, “get out of my country,” towards the Indian men before firing. The 911 disclosed that the bartender cautioned the police to refrain from using sirens when arriving to the incident, stating that the man would “freak out.”


Puriton escaped into another bar in which he requested Sam Suida, a bartender, to allow him to stay and refuses to admit to anything that he just done unless she let him stay. In the end, he finally exposed himself. In the 911 call, Sam Suida informed the dispatcher about a man who had came into the bar and said he’d committed something “really bad”  and was running from the police.


At the vigil, Madasani recollects on who Kuchibhotla really was. Madasani described how Kuchibhotla not once complained about constantly picking him up to work for half a year, until he finally managed to get a car.

As Madasani said, “ That’s the kind of guy he was-is.”

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